A scalable 3D viewer for IFC, Point Clouds and landXML to perform clash detections, geometric control and much, much more.

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LNS is a construction contractor, a mining contractor and a mining owner with around 500 employees. They combine the best of both the construction industry and the mining industry in their projects. To ensure efficient and profitable operation, they have to be at the forefront of the latest technology and the smartest solutions. LNS has therefore decided to investigate how Novorender can help in using 3D models and very large point clouds in tasks related to project phases and more. LNS wanted a 3D visualization tool that could add and merge all of their 3D models and point clouds independent of file size and formats. Further they wanted it to be available on mobile and tablet.

Picture 1: 1km tunnel with IFC model and Point Cloud

Geometric control

LNS wanted a way of comparing their as-built tunnels against the underlying 3D models. Especially considering geometric control with over- and underbreak, to validate the drilling and explosives work. They therefore need extremely large point clouds to be compared against IFC/landXML files to validate the ongoing work. Novorender allows their 3D data and point cloud to be analyzed directly in the same view.

Clash detection

Clash detection via Novorender helps in speeding up projects by identifying clashes between several models during the early phases of construction, helping LNS eliminate chances of multi-level design changes which can result into budget overshoot and delay in project completion time.

Picture 2: Clash control heatmap with IFC model and Point Cloud

Fewer Iterations during the Construction Phase

By using the Novorender cloud solution any authorized LNS user may through a web browser get access to the latest and greatest 3D model or point cloud at any given time. When everything is planned, visualized and managed with Novorender from the very start of the project, it therefore leads to fewer changes during the construction phase. As all laser scans can be uploaded and updated nightly, identifying conflicts becomes easier at initial stages, enabling teams to coordinate for resolving issues without conflict.