HENT is one of Norway`s largest and most ambitious players in the construction industry. Since 1980, HENT has delivered a number of large general contractor and project developer projects to both public and private developers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. It is therefore very inspiring that HENT has decided to make Novorender an essential element in its internal project management system; HENT Core.


What is HENT CORE?

  • HENT Core is a project management tool where the connection and application of information from BIM (IFC and drawings) will be a central part of the tool
  • HENT Core is built by in-house developers and uses its own User interface (UI)
  • HENT has carried out a successful technical evaluation to use Novorender’s 3D engine and APIs in the tool


Why Novorender? 

  • HENT Core may use Novorender as their 3D engine, connecting seamlessly to all internal systems
  • Novorender is used to be able to visualize infinite sizes of pdf/2D/3D models 
  • All is available on all devices, from phones to laptops 
  • Open APIs allow for seamless connections between HENT CORE and Novorender 
  • Novorender allows for the development of tailored building-related functionality 
  • In the project, Novorender and HENT have jointly developed support for construction zones/control areas that can be edited in both 3D and 2D (PDF/IFC). These are important in terms of planning and management of engineering and production in HENT’s construction projects. 
  • The project also developed support for PDF with minimap/split screen and position 
  • .. and many more to come 

By using Novorender as their 3D engine, it will ensure that HENT may use and combine models of any size from a vast amount of formats. Formats include, but are not limited to, IFC, PDF, and more. Combining all models relevant will enhance the communication possibilities for all projects. This applies to everything from tasks, deliveries, deviations, and meeting matters to the status of planning, ordering, delivery, and assembly.