Gjermundshaug Anlegg is a socially conscious and innovative player in the construction industry with over 130 employees and estimated revenue at 750 mill nok.

They are owned by Eleda AB and has since 1949 built solid and visible values for society and private individuals, such as roads, bridges, railways, water and sewage systems.

To streamline their operations and provide the right information to all parties involved in a project, Gjermundshaug sought a solution that could be used across all phases of a project. Currently, they use 3-4 different solutions, which has resulted in a lack of proficiency in any of them. To optimize their BIM Tools, Jørgen Sandvoll, Surveying manager, hopes that Novorender will serve as the single source of truth they need.

What sets Novorender apart is their commitment to developing a solution that meets Gjermundshaug’s unique needs. Through close dialogue and dedicated conversations, Novorender actively seeks to contribute to making the solution the best possible for Gjermundshaug. This level of support and development is more important to Gjermundshaug than price alone, as it allows them to stay ahead of the competition and attract talented individuals.

In addition, Gjermundshaug looks forward to exploring Novorender’s open API, which will provide greater opportunities for integration with other solutions. Although they are currently in the starting phase, Gjermundshaug is excited to test the API and discover how it can simplify their digital workflow.