Construction & Infrastructure

Single source of truth

Central management for all your BIM Content

Endless formats

Combine 3D, Point Cloud, Orthophoto and many more

BIM in the field

Use your BIM in the browser on devices such as phone, tablet and laptop

Clash Detection

Between 3D and Point Cloud

Parametric Measurement

Make measurement simply by clicking items to get area, width, slope and more

Out of the box integrations

Use integrations such as CDE (BIM360),BCF (BIM Track & BIM Collab) and many others


Overview of all versions of your BIM files, with the possibility of revisioning

Auto update

Automatic update of all BIM files every night


Integrations with PIM, SAP, ERP and more

Some Integrations

Select your files directly from BIM360
Create your structure inside Novorender

A wide variety of use cases

A BIM viewer HUB

A BIM viewer hub for the modernization of Nygårdstangen freight terminal and the new double track for Bergen-Fløen (NBF). Novorender will be the central BIM viewer hub by gathering 3D models, data, comments, issues and more from BIM Track, BIM 360 and others.

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A dynamic 3D visualization tool for design, planning and more

Use Novorender as a visualization tool that enables BIM models and related documents and data to be linked together while being accessible to anyone at any time on any device via a web browser, regardless of 3D formats and file sizes.

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BIM viewer hub

A BIM viewer hub by gathering 3D models, orthophoto, comments, issues and more.

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3D vs Point Cloud

A scalable 3D viewer for IFC, Point Clouds and landXML to perform clash detections, geometric control and much, much more.

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3D with comments and issues

A BIM viewer hub by gathering 3D models, orthophoto, comments (Smartdok), issues (BCF) and more.

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