Meet Novorender at BIM World Munich 2021!

The world’s most powerful cloud BIM engine

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Booth number 119

If you have large 3D assets or Point Clouds, come join us at Booth 119 to see how easy it can be to use and manage vast amounts of 3D data. The biggest model Novorender has run so far was 50GB (as IFC) with more than 10 million objects. All this while running in the web browser on devices like phones, tablets, and laptops.

Come by our booth, or book a meeting with us at beforehand, so that we can demonstrate the benefits of Novorender.

Tore Hovland, CEO, will also provide a demonstration of how Novorender is utilized by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to manage, connect, and distribute huge 3D assets. “Learn how to create your digital twin based on Open Source and Open APIs” at BIM World Congress on the 23rd of November (15:00), Stage 3.

Endless 3D size

Upload and combine infinitely large 3D models and Point Clouds

Endless 3D formats

Combine data from different 3D sources with different formats

Reduce cost

Pay for cloud storage only. Distribute to as many users as you want, including external users. No extra cost per user

Access anywhere

Access from your web browser anywhere using a phone or laptop. No need for expensive hardware or purpose software

Extremely fast

Loading complex infrastructure in seconds, without the need to download files. Stream 3D assets like never before


All your data is encrypted both in rest
and in transit. Access via Active Directory or others

Open BIM

Novorender is based on Open BIM, being at the core of out solution

buildingSMART standards

Novorender is committed to the buildingSMART standards IFC and BCF as well as the buildingSMART Data Dictionary